Is Diet Free Weight Loss Possible?

The old standard diet which had changed little for centuries was turned on its head. This was a time when weight problems were still rare and when diet free weight loss was the norm.

As the trend continued, more and more people began to suffer weight problems. Suddenly just watching the waistline for a few weeks no longer worked. Commercial diets were soon developed to fill the need. These were diets that emphasized solid carbohydrates and a reduction in calories. Weight problems did not diminish, and food cravings became an everyday reality. This trend has continued to this day. Today we know that more than sixty percent of the population is overweight and obesity spreads at a rate we could never have imagined even a decade ago.

Clearly the dogma created by nutritionist around their diets and expertise is plain wrong. It has been so for the past thirty years. Diets have kept step with weight problems from the beginning and there is no doubt we were slimmer and healthier people before we ever tried the first diet. Diets are linked to weight gain not weight loss.

We need to re-activate our metabolism and we can only do that if we get back to the foods our bodies were meant to have. We need to eliminate diets, particularly those that require a check on calories. Most of all we need to get our metabolism back to normal. But that is not as simple as it sounds.

For the last thirty or more years we have actively tampered with our metabolism. We have subjected it to food binges, followed by extreme diets and dangerous detox preparations. We have abused our body with irregular bouts of overeating followed by food deprivation till our system no longer knows how to respond.

We must implement a diet free weight loss program as well as completely eliminate diets as we know them today.

It is a frightening fact that the majority of people today have a weight problem. If we continue on this path almost the entire population will have a weight problem. It is also a fact that people who suffer persistent weight problems eventually move on to obesity. From there it is just a small step to Type2 diabetes.

Make no mistake nobody will try to stop this from happening, except perhaps you. The problem of weight is not an exciting subject for a research scientist and medicine has never been interested in this area unless there is a medical threat like diabetes. Research funds would be hard to come by because the allied industries, where scientists would normally seek their funding are built on the expectation that people will continue to obtain fat.

You cannot expect to change the world. But this is one time you can make a positive impact on your own family and is that not a good place to start? Who knows, you may even have an influence on the families of some of your friends. But be warned, you will have plenty of opposition. Trailblazers always do. In due course, everyone who puts a high value on their family’s health will gradually follow. It will be a scary world if they do not.

The fact is it has to begin with you. It starts in your kitchen. You need to prepare for a dieta 1000 calorias. From there it leads to your partner and your children. That may be all you can do. But since obesity has become generational, you should remember you are also saving your future grandchildren and their children from a life of weight issues and likely obesity. Now that’s no small thing for anyone to do.

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